Foot Fun!

By , January 8, 2011 7:13 pm

For those of you that might remember my episode with the glass in my foot about two years ago (culminating in multiple surgical procedures to get it out), last night was the reprise…

Maya and I were playing in the living room last night. Afterwards, I started walking into the other room when the big toe on my left foot caught a rogue toothpick that was caught in the carpet. And by caught, I mean the toothpick went straight into my big toe about 1/4 inch and then snapped off inside.

Given the complications resulting from the glass episode, I decided it was better to spend three hours in Urgent Care in Palo Alto to get it removed professionally.

Again, better my foot than Maya’s. That said, better no foot than mine!

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  1. Jon says:

    Good lord… you seemed to be cursed with that sort of thing. I remember when you hurt yourself by stepping on a nail or an upturned tile in the Crestview.

  2. Yeah, that was actually a staple in the flooring that got dislodged. That sucked too! Apparently, I really need to wear shoes in the house.

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