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Empty House

By , November 7, 2010 11:18 pm

The house is now completely empty! It is a sad and exciting day, all in one. Obviously, it is sad that we are leaving our home (in DC), family, friends, etc. That said, I am really looking forward to completing the breakdown process and starting the rebuilding process on the other side. Over the last few weeks, we have spent so much time saying our good-byes, checking off items on our things-to-do-before-we-leave lists, packing up our belongings, etc., that we have really been focused on the negative emotions that go with moving across the country. I don’t expect those emotions to go away once we get there, but I am hoping that the positive emotions will take over – the emotions that come with new experiences, setting up a new house, meeting new people, etc.

So, we leave for California tomorrow morning. More posts once we are on the other side…

Moving Day 2

By , November 5, 2010 5:40 pm

Day 2 of moving is going pretty smoothly now… Well, now that the plan was revised. I am not a big fan of the plan, but if it gets done right and well (and quickly), the ends will justify the means. Here is the plan:

  1. Leave the big, 53-foot truck in Jessup, Maryland, 26-miles away from the house
  2. Rent a U-Haul
  3. Bring the U-Haul to the house and pack it up
  4. Once full, return to Jessup to transfer the stuff over to the large truck
  5. Return to the house with the U-Haul for another load

Certainly not the most elegant solution to the “truck is too big for the street” problem, but it seems to be working.

By day’s end, the house should be mostly packed and partially emptied. Tomorrow is the final loading day. Until then…

Moving Day 1

By , November 4, 2010 5:39 pm

Moving Truck

It is pretty disruptive having people in the house boxing up everything we own, but it is certainly preferable to having to do it ourselves! Today and tomorrow are for the packing and the loading of the truck will be on the third day. Thereafter, we are officially homeless… at least until we move into our new place in CA in about two weeks. Fun!

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