Unnamed Pandemic Project - Daniel and Brian
The songs in this project were recorded and managed as an entirely distributed project during the Covid-19 pandemic, with all contributors in different states. We used Google Drive and other online tools to share files with each other so each person can contribute their parts to the session.
Klee and Solaris were produced and mixed by James Katz. The others were produced and mixed by Daniel and Brian.
Wheels is a cover of a vocal-based song written by James Katz (our version is instrumental).

Fragment37 - Kitchen Sink
Fragment37 is a jazz-instrumental band that I was in from 1996-2006, with my friends Jon Foreman and Jon Blank (who, sadly, is no longer with us). In 2006, we released our only album, Kitchen Sink, consisting of 15 of our favorite songs, all of which can be heard below.
You can also listen to the full album on Spotify.

No Concerto
Track 3
Hasta Luego
One Ton Soup
Blood Shot
Day Old Pea
More Day Old Pea
Alter Native
Van Halted
Fugue in C#
AlonA - Maelstrom
AlonA is a vocal-based prog-rock group that I played with from 2005-2007, which included the release of Maelstrom. You can listen to all of the Maelstrom tracks on which I played below.
You can also listen to the full album on Spotify.

The Missing
EROS Thantos
Three Quarter Squeegee
Three Quarter Squeegee is a band that I played for several years. We played a wide range of classic rock covers and recorded the following original songs on the album Censored, which was released in 1995.
You can also listen to the full album on Spotify.

Old Man Whitney
Timothy Leary
Big Ol' Bolder
Hey Katie

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